Solid Waste Services

Program Review and Implementation

Evaluate existing programs for its effectiveness and compliance with local regulations and the agency's Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE) and Household Hazardous Waste Element (HHWE), Local and State Laws.

Implementation of state mandates such as AB341. This bill requires that all multi-family over five units and commercial properties with four and over cubic yards of refuse service are mandated to have recycling.

Report Preparations

Annual Reports

Grant Audit Reports

Reporting Year Disposal Modification Form

Solid Waste Generation Studies

Development of New Programs

Prepare all documentation to implement solid waste management programs

This includes, but is not limited to COmmitee and City Council reports, Ordinances, Resolutions, Public Hearing Notices, Public Education, and Web Site Development

Existing Policy Revisions/Franchise Agreements

Prepare Resolutions or Ordinances, including hearing notices, to revise programs as recommended by staff.

Prepare, Review & Award Franchise Agreements

Preparation of staff reports & attendance at meetings

Serve as an on-call member of the jurisdiction's staff to attend City Council, Committee, Commission or other meetings as required

Prepare/Create awareness educational programs

Prepare public awareness programs to advertise new programs and emphasize the need for the existing programs (Schools, newspapers, radio, etc.).

Grant Submittals/Monitoring

Monitor Available Grants

Review Grants for applicability to the jurisdiction

Prepare and submit apprioprieate grant application packages for approval

Process grants from initial application through the implementation phase inculding funding aspects of billing the grantor for funds used and amking the project easily auditable by the grantor

Diversion Calculations

Document existing disposal diversion status of the jurisdiction

Review existing files, coordinate with solid waste haulers and landfills used by haulers. Review SRRE to determine if goals of diversion are being met.

Hauler Coordination

Coordinate with solid waste haulers to verify compliance with jurisdiction's existing policies and programs.

Monitor required programs that haulers should be using and alert haulers if program implementation is unsatisfactory.

Devlope Proposal packages franchise agreements, etc.

Solid Waste Hauler / Recycling Operations

Review existing facilities to determine if programs are being expedited properly and cost effectively.

Recommend solutions for facilities.

Assistance offered to solid waste facilities managed by independent haulers or run by jurisdiction.




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