Household Hazardous Waste

The following tables contains examples of household hazardous products thatmay be foundin and around your home.

Lawn/Garden-Care Products Bug spray, Fertilizer, Pesticide/insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Weed killer
Paint and Paint Related Products Latex/water-based paint, Oil-based paint, Turpentine paint stripper, Rust remover, Paint thinner, Varnish
Automotive Fluids and Batteries Used motor oil and filters, Gasoline and diesel fuel, Kerosene, Auto body repair products, Windshield washer solution, Antifreeze, Brake and transmission fluid, Lead acid batteries, Metal polish with solvent
Beauty Products and Medicines Alcohol-based lotions, Isopropyl alcohol, Medicine, Nail polish and nail polish remover, Hair relaxers, dyes and permanents, Products in aerosol cans
Household Cleaners Ammonia-based cleaners, Oven and drain cleaners, Floor care products, Aerosol cleaners, Window cleaners, Furniture polish, Metal polishes and cleaners, Tub, tile and toilet bowl cleaners
Miscellaneous Fluorescent lights, Mercury thermometers, Photographic chemicals, Lighter fluid, Shoe polish, Fiberglass epoxy, Swimming pool chemicals, Moth balls, Glue, Mercury batteries



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