About SWS

Kimberly Collins Nilsson, the current CEO and one of the founders of Solid Waste Solutions, founded the business in 1999. With a degree in engineering, she has built a consulting firm with a small team of employees that services cities throughout Southern California. Her background in Civil Engineering created an excellent platform for her areas of expertise.

When founding SWS, Kimberly was able to create a one-stop film office for the city of Malibu. She knew the city inside and out as one of their resident engineers during the '90s. That knowledge has allowed her and her team to service the city of Malibu's bustling film industry while keeping the citizens safe from filming issues. It is SWS's intention to provide simple and effective permit processing for the production companies while taking a load off of the city's busy schedules.

Not only does Kimberly service various cities in permit services, but she and her team offer services for Solid Waste as well. The business can help implement and design recycling programs for municipalities per Cal Recycle requirements. The SWS staff has a variety of backgrounds, from computer programming, to design, to expertise in grant writing that combines to create excellent service to cities when implementing new programs.